Achieve thought-leadership through entrepreneurship writing

I help entrepreneurs tell their story and establish authority through educational, informative, helpful, inspiring and engaging content.

Getting featured here is a solid way to showcase you to the world. In doing so, you can expect the following key benefits to accrue to you over time:

1. Getting recognition as an entrepreneurial success story as well as a solid reputation and credibility for being the best at what you do

2. Getting recognition with regards to thought-leadership i.e. providing information that ‘others’ need so as to succeed

3. The opportunity to, in your own words, communicate your company culture i.e. the personality of your company, the environment in which your employees work, and the assorted elements of company mission, values, ethics, expectations, and goals. In so doing you’ll be opening your doors to employees that understand your vision and investors that are excited about your business

4. The opportunity to stay top-of-mind for anyone who hits Google with the search phrase “starting a (insert your type of venture) small business”

Once your story is out there it is my hope that it will inspire others to follow their own hearts, encouraging them to apply their unique talents and gifts.


Get in touch with me today and we’ll talk about how we’ll tell the world your story.

The process

Here’s how we’ll do this:

  1. I’ll start by researching the subject, i.e. what it takes to start your type of small business, so as to come up with the focus areas on which the article will be based
  2. Research will begin with a thorough study of your website, and then information gaps will be filled with input from online research

NB: This is necessary because your website will very likely not have mentioned everything I need to know; I don’t expect you to remember everything in the moment either. My reasons for doing this will become evident when you get to no.5.

  1. After I’ve gotten a clear picture of what running such a business entails, i.e. the ‘practical’ side of things, I’ll be in a position to identify useful search terms to use in the next phase of research…
  2. This will be a research of the ‘theory’ aspect of starting this type of business. I’ll find useful resources that will enable me to authoritatively write my part of the article
  3. I’ll create a list of questions from the focus areas I’ve discovered in my research. I’ll send you these questions; your responses will be the “Expert insights” portion of the article. You’ll be directly quoted.
  4. Alongside your responses I’ll also need you to prepare captioned visuals. If I send you X no. of questions I’ll need no less than (X-3) photos. All must be ≥ 1024 X 768 in size. Depending on your type of business I’ll give you suggestions about what to base these visuals on.
  5. Meanwhile I’ll be writing my part of the article.
  6. Upon completion I’ll notify you; hopefully you’ll be through with the responses and visuals.
  7. I’ll now insert your responses and visuals into the article (I have my way of knowing what visual goes where)
  8. I’ll thoroughly edit the article (I’ll spare you the details of how I do it).
  9. I’ll prepare a PDF version of the edited article and send it to you. You’ll give it a thorough read and get back to me with feedback about WE can do (i.e. correct, revise, edit, etc.) so as to achieve the best possible article.
  10. I expect a back and forth of ideas exchange; we’ll finally arrive at an article we’re both supremely satisfied with. At this point you’ll give me the green light to publish.
  11. I’ll publish it, send you the link, and a page-by-page PDF copy of the white paper that people can download from your site.

Estimated timeframe

From initial contact to publishing and delivery of the white paper this should take 3-4 weeks.