About me

Launched in 2018, this site intends to be the go-to place for anyone really interested in finding out all what it takes to start a given type of small business.

If you are passionately curious about learning what actual entrepreneurs have to say about growing successful enterprises from the ground up, you’ll feel right at home here.

The collection of “must-know” posts on this site merge actual entrepreneurs’ insights with factual supporting information, in an attempt to answer just about every question you may have concerning the venture you have in mind.

Perhaps the best thing about reading these experts’ insights is the knowledge that these are people who’ve got real-life experience; they’ve been in the trenches, they have made it past the struggles, and are now making a significant impact in the lives of many just by doing what they do best.

Their entrepreneurial exploits are all the proof we need to appreciate them as thought-leaders and success stories.

They know their stuff!

Samuel Muriithi is an entrepreneurship and small business blogger.

After writing about this stuff for a number of years, I finally decided to start doing what I had long yearned to do: To get solid answers about what it really takes to start just about any type of business…and then create a resource that will provide this information to all who are seeking it.